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The Springfield Vegetarian Association (SVA), located in Springfield, Illinois, provides education and support for those interested in vegetarianism and related issues. Our activities typically include monthly programs, such as live speakers, and videos and potlucks. We also publish a bimonthly newsletter, Springfield Vegetarian, which contains the SVA calendar of events and articles on health, the environment, animal rights/welfare, cooking and recipes.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in vegetarianism or related issues or learning more about these. You don’t have to be vegetarian to attend our events or become a member.

Please check out the information on our website. We are currently in the process of adding to it and improving it, so come back often.

In the news...

CNN Documentary Supports Use of Plant-based Diet to Prevent and Treat Heart Disease

After more than a year spent looking into the topic, Sanjay Gupta hosted a CNN documentary titled, "The Last Heart Attack", which posits that "With what we know right now, we may see the last heart attack in America." This proposition is based on the idea that using a combination of advanced techniques to monitor a person's blood vessel health and heart attack risk along with the application of diet and lifestyle changes, it may be possible to prevent all heart attacks. The documentary includes interviews with former President Bill Clinton, Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., of the Cleveland Clinic and Dean Ornish, M.D. According to Clinton's interview, the former President of the United States now follows a vegan diet, with the exception of a bite of meat at Thanksgiving. In addition to supporting lifestyle changes as an effective treatment and preventative for heart disease, the show presented interesting new information about ways to assess heart attack risk. The program has aired multiple times on CNN starting in late August of 2011.

Click here to watch the full 41-minute documentary, The Last Heart Attack.

CNN also aired a short interview with Sanjay Gupta about the documentary in which he shared some of the important ideas explored in the documentary.

Click here to watch the interview.

CNN Posts Articles On Their Website Favoring a Plant-based Diet to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

CNN used the contents of Gupta's documentary to provide many shorter videos and accompanying articles on their website, such as this article titled, “The ‘heart attack proof’ diet?”. The article has links to other related articles on their website.

Previously in the news... (last year)

Former President Clinton Adopts Near Vegan Diet to Reverse Heart Disease

Wolf Blitzer interviewed former President Clinton on CNN on September 21 of 2010 and asked him what the secret has been to his weight loss. Clinton said that he was on a plant-based diet, with the occasional addition of some fish, hoping to reverse his heart disease and, as a side benefit, he lost 24 pounds of unwanted weight.

Click here to watch the interview.

Several days later, on September 24, Blitzer interviewed the two heart doctors that Clinton credits with publishing research supporting a plant-based diet to reverse heart disease.

Click here to watch Doctors Esselstyn and Ornish on CNN.